Style Your Home with Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017

breathe new life into your space with pantone's colour of the year


This year, Pantone has selected ‘Greenery’ as their colour of the year, as the zesty yellow-green shade connects us with nature and helps us feel calm and reinvigorated.


According to Laurie Pressman, the Pantone Colour Institute’s vice president, this green colour represents our desire to reconnect with nature and what is real, while finding ways to disconnect with technology. “We need a break. We need to stop and breathe. Greenery is about unity and community – connecting to oneself and others and a higher purpose, nature,” he says.


When complemented by a selection of muted, earthy tones, plus a pop of brightness, Greenery can be used in a number of ways to re-style/reinvigorate your home.


From furniture to feature walls, indoor plants to rugs, there are countless ways you can introduce this fresh shade into your home.


Soft Furnishings

Lay down a rug, scatter a few cushions, and drape a couple of throw blankets across beds, couches, and even ottomans, and Pantone’s beautiful shade of Greenery will completely transform your home’s vibe.


A Splash of Paint

Our handyman service in Perth can help you paint a feature wall, or apply a fresh coat of paint to any room in your house in one of Pantone’s earthy shades that are super trendy right now!


While painting a trendy colour on your wall may seem risky, you can rest assured the idea of bringing the outdoors in is by no means a new idea, and definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Hanging Art

Perhaps you want to incorporate some colour into your home with a large piece of hanging art. Finding the stud, and safely hanging large/heavy artwork on your walls can be tricky, so talk to Perth Handyman Services to see how we can help ensure your artwork leaves a lasting impression – and not because it fell down and left a gaping hole in the wall.


As a shade that’s symbolic of new beginnings, what better colour is there to use to revamp your home? If you need assistance from a trustworthy Perth handyman, especially when it comes to any painting, contact Perth Handyman Services today, we’d love to help!

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