Pre- Sale Tidy- up on a Budget

Pre- Sale Make- Over You Can Live With

Preparing a house for sale, particularly when you still live in it, is surely one of life’s great endurance tests. Your house is lived- in – because you live in it. And presumably the people who buy it will live in it, too. And yet for some reason, when we buy a house we want to see it in a weird kind of idealised state; neither deserted nor lived in. Inhabited, but not lived in. Except that the vendor has to go on living in it, through a series of inspections until – Hallelujah – it’s sold.

At Perth Handyman Services we have helped many home-owners and real estate agents prepare properties to look their best at minimal cost, but without the inhabitants feeling like aliens in their own homes. Our skills include welding, painting, roof leak repair, grouting, sealing and many more besides.

A lot of people spend heavily having their properties “styled” in preparation for sale. This strategy relies for its success on picking a winning style, and can backfire badly if not enough fans of that style show up at the sale. Many prefer to present their house as a blank slate on which purchasers can write their dreams. And despite the fact that they may intend to buy it and extensively modify it, buyers still pay more for a neatly turned out property. Makes no sense when you think about it, but there it is. So your task is to achieve that “want me” look without spending a fortune.

When you live in a comfortable home, your eyes become blinded to a host of little defects; you get used to things the way they are, and give little thought to the possibilities. But when you sell your house you want prospective purchasers not only to see it at its best, but to be able to see all its possibilities.. Preparing your house to play the beguiling role you want of it takes real skill, and a good deal of experience.

Start by making a list of the defects you know about.

“A lick of paint” is probably among the first things to find their way on to a presale to- do list, but we’ll also run a practiced and critical eye over the house, and suggest refurbishments that will repay their cost handsomely in the sale process. We’ll help you expand this list by pointing out items you might have missed. Here are a few items we’ve found people tend to overlook because they get used to them, and where a few dollars spent will earn you dividends:

  • In and around the bathroom. A relatively inexpensive make- over can make a big difference. A new shower head, new shower curtain and a re- grouting and sealing cost little, and give a bathroom the “lift” it needs to make a good impression – in the few seconds for which the purchaser will be likely to look at it.
  • Decluttering – for instance by removing unneeded cupboards to reveal more kitchen space. The likelihood is that the new owner will want to fit their own kitchen, so the impression of space is more important than up to date appliances and worktops.
  • Replacing old blinds and screens. This really is an area where familiarity stops us seeing the creeping march of dilapidation. In terms of bang for your spruce- up buck, not much comes close to a set of new blinds.
  • Rusty patches and blemishes on fences, gates and other outdoor ironwork. Again, these are little details that don’t necessarily get consciously noticed by viewers, but treat them, weld any repairs needed and paint them, and the effect can be starting.

These are just some of the low cost/high reward steps you can take to prepare your property for sale, and which can all be professionally taken care of by Perth Handyman Services. So if you’re preparing a property for sale, give us a call and let us propose a makeover that suits your property, your lifestyle and your budget. A make- over you can live with.

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