Give Your Poolside Fence a Makeover

The backyard pool is what makes Perth’s wonderful climate perfect. But summer after summer brings a sprinkling of tragedy, in the form of children drowned because the pool fence wasn’t up to the job. Even fences and gates that meet the latest regulations can become dilapidated and fail to perform as designed – and that’s particularly true of gates and latches, which have to self-close and self-latch. Wear and tear, or even a bit of ground subsidence, can impair a gate’s action, leaving your pool accessible to a determined toddler.

If you’ve got a nagging feeling that your pool fence might need repair or upgrading to maintain compliance, Perth Handyman Services can help. We offer a poolside gate and latch service – a “makeover” that will ensure that you enjoy the rest of the summer with peace of mind.

To discuss a makeover for your pool’s security fence, contact Perth Handyman Services today!

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