Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?

staircase wallpaper

Trends tend to go around in circles. Whether it’s vintage fashion making a comeback or a resurgence of your grandmother’s favourite home décor styles, nothing really stays gone.

The latest trend to reappear on the home decorating sphere is wallpaper. Once considered the cream of the crop when it came to decorating your home’s walls, for the better part of the last few decades it’s been considered more of a faux pas than a high-class decorating option. However, it seems that wallpaper is on the rise again, with new, super trendy styles hitting the market, making wallpaper the latest trend to make a long-awaited comeback.

There are now more wallpaper styles to choose from than ever before, with plenty of ultra-stylish prints, dimensional fabrics and textures, and new materials that make it easier to install and remove.

trendy wallpaper

Wallpaper is also a fun way to completely transform the aesthetic and atmosphere of a room, while also reflecting your personality.

According to designer, Kati Curtis “it’s a risk, but boy can it pay off”.

The re-emergence of this trend could be attributed to wallpaper being able to add a personal touch to a room, without adding any extra clutter. When executed well, it can go along way towards setting the mood and theme of any room.


According to Kati, “people want their homes to feel special and unique, and wallpaper is the perfect way to do that with polish.

trendy wallpaper designs

Wallpaper is proving to be a popular design choice among millennials who are new to the housing market and don’t associate wallpaper with dated floral designs like some older generations do. As such, for younger generations, it feels new and exciting, and they’re putting a new spin on an old staple.


Today’s paper is drastically different to the type of wallpaper that dominated homes in the 70s, 80s and even the early 90s, with more dramatic, colourful and oversized patterns that look like they’ve been pulled straight from the runway replacing older, more dated designs.

However, one of the biggest pain points for homeowners wanting to incorporate wallpaper into their home is installation. Well, don’t let the fear of bubbly or peeling wallpaper stop you from embracing this fantastic new trend.

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