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Having your house or business premises painted is an unavoidably disruptive event. The sooner it’s over, the better. But you’ve got to live with the results, which will be on display long after the inconvenience of drop sheets and trestles is over.

Perth Handyman Services have been painting Perth houses and offices for many years. We’re proud of our roll call of happy customers, and of the number of referrals that come from them.

How do we do it? Well, frankly, it’s not rocket science; it comes down to a few principles we apply to all the work we do:

Quality – through care in masking, attention to detail and many years’ experience.

Dependable – We know how important it is to plan around a disruptive event like house-painting, and we want to reduce the stress to a minimum. We take our commitments seriously, and when we say we’re going to be on the job, we are on the job.

Speed – We may get accolades for the quality of our painting jobs, but that doesn’t mean we take forever to complete the job. With Perth Handyman Services, the job starts on time, and finishes in record time.

Versatility – it’s not often you only want your home or office painting; there’s usually a little list of other jobs to be done at the same time. With Perth Handyman Services you get full access to a range of services that includes:

  • General welding – fencing, patio repairs, etc.
  • Door rehanging and lock change
  • Cleanup and refuse disposal
  • Tiling

And that’s just indoors. If you’ve got jobs outdoors, you’ll find us every bit as accommodating.

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