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Give Your House a Fresh Coat of Paint in the New Year!

One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your home in the New Year is to give it a fresh coat of paint. Over the Christmas period, especially if you aren’t working, repainting your house can be a fun and creative activity to use your break productively.


A fresh coat of paint over an existing wall can do wonders to make a room look brand new. Or, to really refresh your house, a feature wall can have stunning results. If you’re feeling especially brave, you might even want to go for the Pantone colour of the year for 2018, 18-3838 Ultra Violet.

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(Image Source: www.pantone.com)

Repainting your interior walls is also good for taking care of your house. It’s best practice to repaint hallways, corridors, bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms about every three years. Living and dining rooms tend to suffer less wear, and should probably be repainted every seven years.

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To get the best results, some things to keep in mind when you’re painting indoors are:


  • Start with a clean surface. If there are oils or dirt on the surface you are painting, the paint is more likely to chip or peel.
  • Mix several cans of paint into a larger bucket. Make sure you have enough paint to use for the entire surface you are covering in one bucket; this will ensure you have a consistent colour.
  • Keep a ‘wet edge’ while using a paint roller. This means you need to slightly overlap each roll you paint along the wall. This stops paint from partly drying before being painted over again, which can cause streaking.
  • Pay careful attention to masking. Messy edges on your paint job can really ruin a lovely coat of paint, so make sure you keep it neat by carefully aligning tape before you start a job.

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If painting the house isn’t your idea of a Christmas break well spent, or you want to make sure you get a professional finish, hiring a handyman is a great alternative to the DIY route. Take a look at our painting page for information on our services, and get in touch to see how we can transform your home’s interior in the New Year!

Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?

staircase wallpaper

Trends tend to go around in circles. Whether it’s vintage fashion making a comeback or a resurgence of your grandmother’s favourite home décor styles, nothing really stays gone.

The latest trend to reappear on the home decorating sphere is wallpaper. Once considered the cream of the crop when it came to decorating your home’s walls, for the better part of the last few decades it’s been considered more of a faux pas than a high-class decorating option. However, it seems that wallpaper is on the rise again, with new, super trendy styles hitting the market, making wallpaper the latest trend to make a long-awaited comeback.

There are now more wallpaper styles to choose from than ever before, with plenty of ultra-stylish prints, dimensional fabrics and textures, and new materials that make it easier to install and remove.

trendy wallpaper

Wallpaper is also a fun way to completely transform the aesthetic and atmosphere of a room, while also reflecting your personality.

According to designer, Kati Curtis “it’s a risk, but boy can it pay off”.

The re-emergence of this trend could be attributed to wallpaper being able to add a personal touch to a room, without adding any extra clutter. When executed well, it can go along way towards setting the mood and theme of any room.


According to Kati, “people want their homes to feel special and unique, and wallpaper is the perfect way to do that with polish.

trendy wallpaper designs

Wallpaper is proving to be a popular design choice among millennials who are new to the housing market and don’t associate wallpaper with dated floral designs like some older generations do. As such, for younger generations, it feels new and exciting, and they’re putting a new spin on an old staple.


Today’s paper is drastically different to the type of wallpaper that dominated homes in the 70s, 80s and even the early 90s, with more dramatic, colourful and oversized patterns that look like they’ve been pulled straight from the runway replacing older, more dated designs.

However, one of the biggest pain points for homeowners wanting to incorporate wallpaper into their home is installation. Well, don’t let the fear of bubbly or peeling wallpaper stop you from embracing this fantastic new trend.

Talk to Perth Handyman Services about our wallpapering services today!

5 Handy Home Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

As much as we all hate home maintenance jobs, they are a necessary evil if you want to keep your home in tip-top shape. Although there’s no rule that says you have to take care of your home maintenance in Perth yourself, that’s what your local Perth handyman is for!

From cleaning your gutter to fixing the fence and replacing broken door handles, there’s no handyman job in Perth that is too small or too tedious for us. But, to give you an idea of the type of tasks you should be undertaking, and how often you should be doing them (or hiring someone to do the dirty work for you), we’ve put together this handy list!

Floor Sanding and Coating

Most wooden floor coverings (and outdoor timber decking) need regular maintenance to keep them looking like new. This could involve replacing any damaged boards and sanding and re-varnishing the surface. It’s recommended you inspect both your timber floors and outdoor deck at least once a year to assess whether any maintenance work is required.

If the surface looks dull, is stained, or has been damaged from excessive water exposure or wearing heeled shoes, it’s worth repairing the damaged areas to not only improve the aesthetic of your floor but also to ensure your timber flooring or decking lasts as long as possible.

Gutter Cleaning

As a general rule of thumb, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year. Ideally, this should happen in late spring and then again in late autumn. However, there are a few factors that can either increase or decrease how often your gutters should be cleaned out. If you live in a particularly leafy area and are surrounded by a lot of trees, you might need to clean out your gutters more often. But, if you live in an open area with very few trees, you might be able to get away with going longer between cleans.

Regardless of how often you clean them though, always check them regularly to make sure there is no damage and to ensure no birds or nasty critters have taken up residence.

Rubbish Removal

It’s surprising how quickly rubbish can build up around the home. Perhaps you’ve got an old lounge room suite taking up space in your garage, or have old shrubs and garden debris piled up in the corner of your backyard. If left unchecked, this type of waste can build up and make your home feel more like a landfill than a home. Every few months, have a look to see how much rubbish you have lying around. If it’s visible and taking up space you could be utilising, it’s time for a spring clean!

Garage Door Repairs

Have you ever noticed that your garage door, when operating properly, will reverse roll if there’s something obstructing its way? This is an essential safety feature that ensures no one will get squashed (especially children and pets) if the door is rolling down when someone or something is block its way. Each year, check your garage roller door to make sure it’s operating properly by placing something in the doorway and making sure it rolls back up, rather than squashing the item.

If your door isn’t operating the way it should, make getting it fixed a priority.

General Repairs Around the Home

When things get damaged or broken around the home, don’t just leave them that way. Keep on top of your home maintenance and repairs by fixing issues as they arise. Is your front door jamming because the wood has expanded in the heat? Are the mechanisms in your door handles getting stiff and making opening the door tricky? Maybe your outdoor paving is cracked and breaking away in chunks. Whatever the issue, talk to your local handyman about fixing it.

If you’ve got work that needs to be completed in or around your home, contact Perth Handyman Services today! We can help you out with even the smallest home maintenance jobs, or if you need, we can even help with your home renovation needs.

5 Hilarious DIY Disasters

Have you ever wondered what happens when home DIY projects go terribly wrong? These 5 blokes were unlucky enough to find out first-hand!

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A Dog Under the Porch

In a rush to finish building his back deck before an insurance inspection, but not wanting to get rained on, a very ‘detail-oriented’ homeowner cut his timber on his front veranda, which was undercover, and then proceeded to carry the beams over to his back deck to install them.

He never noticed his dog crawling around in the dirt digging until he heard him whining once the deck was finished.

He had built the deck over the top of his dog! His quick job ended up taking a lot longer since he had to remove a large part of the deck to get his dog out.

A Fenced in Car

A pair of new homeowners decided to build a fence, to ensure their dogs wouldn’t be able to escape. A friend of theirs came over with his ute filled with the wood they needed.

When they were finished building the fence, they stood back to enjoy the fruits of their labour, only to realise they had fenced in the car!

Do You Want Some Bugs With Your Air Con?

After leaving a brand new air con in the garage for a number of years, one homeowner decided it was finally time to install it. Since it was still in its original packaging, he didn’t bother to clean it first.

Once it was up, he turned it on ready to enjoy the cool breeze that came with it, only to end up with a mouth full of dead bugs and mouse droppings.

He was less than impressed.

One Latch and A Lot of Black Paint

When a carpenter by trade went to install a new external latch on a cupboard door in the laundry, you’d think the installation would go off without a hitch?

Well, for this unlucky tradie, a two-second project turned into a lengthy clean up when he drilled the holes for the latch, without cleaning the cupboard out first.

He quickly realised his mistake when black paint sprayed him in the face, soaking the floor and walls as well.

A Concave Ceiling

Have you ever wanted to expand a room in your house, but decided not to because you weren’t sure if the wall was a load bearing one or not?

Well, that reservation didn’t even cross one unlucky man’s mind when he decided to knock down a 3.7-metre wall that separated his living room from the hallway.

After a long day of demolition, he went to bed quite pleased with himself, only to wake up to a bowl-shaped floor in the morning. He ran downstairs to discover the ceiling had sagged about 150mm.

Needless to say, he was very quick to rush to the hardware store for some jacks.

So, what’s the moral of the story? If you need some handy work done in or around your home in Perth, call a professional handyman service, like Perth Handyman, to do the work for you.


Contact us today to see how we can help!

Is it Time for a Backyard Renovation?

Us Australians love a good backyard! There’s nothing better than sitting back and enjoying a beer and a barbecue in a relaxing outdoor space, without having to leave the privacy of your own home.

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But, is your backyard starting to look a little dated? Perhaps your outdoor decking has succumbed to the elements and has started to rot, or maybe you’re a little bit sick of you timber fence and would prefer to have Colorbond Fencing installed in your Perth Backyard.

Regardless of your motives, a backyard renovation will revitalise your space, while also improving its functionality.

Before You Begin

Before you start your renovation, have a think about what you want to use your backyard for. Do you want an ideal place to play with the kids or entertaining friends, or are you more interested in having a calming space where you can potter around the garden?

How you intend to use the space will greatly influence its overall design.

Also make sure you hire someone to help you. If you’re not a professional landscaper/builder/gardener, and know the work you want done is a little out of your areas of expertise, there’s no shame in having someone do the work for you.

Whether you need a fencing contractor or are looking for handyman services to assist with your Perth renovation, or just need someone to help you with some of the bigger projects, you’ll achieve a better result when the work is completed by a professional. Plus, you’ll be able to sit back and relax while someone else is slaving away for you – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Updates that can Make a Big Difference

A gate repair might fix a rusty hinge and a few extra plants will add a pop of colour, but for really eye-catching results, it’s worth looking at upgrading some essential aspects of your backyard.


Is your paving cracked? Or maybe the tiles are so old the colour has faded, there’s chunks missing, and you nearly break your neck every time you step outside.

Ripping up and replacing existing paving, or even installing some beautiful pavers in an area that used to just be dirt or grass, will make entertaining guests, and outdoor dining easier than ever before. Plus, when paired with some stylish outdoor furniture and a few potted plants, you’ll want nothing more than to spend all day outside.


If your house is built on a sloping block, or if you want a new alfresco area complete with an outdoor kitchen, you can’t look past a timber decking. Easy to maintain, great to look at, and long-lasting, it’s hard to resist installing a timber deck!


A lot of people don’t put much thought into their fence, after all, it’s just a property boundary, right? Well, it can be, but it can also make a statement. Maybe you want a new timber fence with a built-in vertical garden, or maybe you want to upgrade to a Colorbond fence. Whatever you decide, looking at your fence as a statement piece as well as a necessity will make your backyard design really pop!

Garden Shed

Do you have an old tin garden shed that’s as old as your heritage-listed house? Or, are all of your tools just piled in a heap in your undercover area, or scattered in random places around your garage?

A new Colorbond garden shed can fix this. As a stylish alternative to a standard tin shed, a Colorbond shed will be a welcome addition to any backyard space, and can be customised to suit your specific needs.

If you need assistance bringing your backyard renovation to life, contact the team at Perth Handyman Services today!

Style Your Home with Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2017

breathe new life into your space with pantone's colour of the year


This year, Pantone has selected ‘Greenery’ as their colour of the year, as the zesty yellow-green shade connects us with nature and helps us feel calm and reinvigorated.


According to Laurie Pressman, the Pantone Colour Institute’s vice president, this green colour represents our desire to reconnect with nature and what is real, while finding ways to disconnect with technology. “We need a break. We need to stop and breathe. Greenery is about unity and community – connecting to oneself and others and a higher purpose, nature,” he says.


When complemented by a selection of muted, earthy tones, plus a pop of brightness, Greenery can be used in a number of ways to re-style/reinvigorate your home.


From furniture to feature walls, indoor plants to rugs, there are countless ways you can introduce this fresh shade into your home.


Soft Furnishings

Lay down a rug, scatter a few cushions, and drape a couple of throw blankets across beds, couches, and even ottomans, and Pantone’s beautiful shade of Greenery will completely transform your home’s vibe.


A Splash of Paint

Our handyman service in Perth can help you paint a feature wall, or apply a fresh coat of paint to any room in your house in one of Pantone’s earthy shades that are super trendy right now!


While painting a trendy colour on your wall may seem risky, you can rest assured the idea of bringing the outdoors in is by no means a new idea, and definitely isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Hanging Art

Perhaps you want to incorporate some colour into your home with a large piece of hanging art. Finding the stud, and safely hanging large/heavy artwork on your walls can be tricky, so talk to Perth Handyman Services to see how we can help ensure your artwork leaves a lasting impression – and not because it fell down and left a gaping hole in the wall.


As a shade that’s symbolic of new beginnings, what better colour is there to use to revamp your home? If you need assistance from a trustworthy Perth handyman, especially when it comes to any painting, contact Perth Handyman Services today, we’d love to help!

5 Weekend Projects to Improve Your Home’s Appeal

The Easter long weekend is almost upon us, which means there’s no time like the present to rejuvenate your home with these clever, yet small home projects. You can either get your DIY on, or contact Perth’s leading handyman service to help you.


Paint a Feature Wall

If your bedroom or living space is lacking a focal point, or is looking a little bit lifeless, a freshly-painted feature wall could be just what you need. If you’ve got a contemporary-style home with a neutral colour palette, a darker shade of grey or taupe will do the trick, however, if you’re after something a little bolder, a splash of red, or even lime will definitely attract attention.


Patch Up Any Holes or Dints

Wear and tear is perfectly normal in any home, especially in high-traffic areas or home’s with pets and kids. As such, dints, holes, and scratches seem to appear out of nowhere. It’s surprising how quickly you get used to looking at these imperfections, but with a bit of putty and a slap of fresh paint you’ll soon notice how much fresher your home looks without them.


Upgrade Your Fence

Are the palings in your wooden fence rotting or buckling? If yes, it could be time to get an upgrade. Regardless of how beautiful your home and garden is, a fence that’s falling apart will quickly detract attention and become more noticeable, and memorable, than your perfectly manicured lawn or grand home.


Depending on your personal taste, and the style of your home, you might choose to install a Colorbond, wooden, picket, cyclone, or wrought iron fence. All of which are fantastic options!


Stain Your Outdoor Deck

Your front porch, or pool deck will look like new with a fresh coat of timber stain. While timber decking is a low-maintenance outdoor solution, it should be re-stained every now and again to protect it from the elements, and to keep it looking like new.


Your washed out deck may look like part of the furniture at the moment, but the moment you re-stain it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!


Upgrade Your Door Handles

Have you ever paid much attention to your door handles? Most people don’t. However, if you replace your plain stainless steel handles with something more decorative and distinct, people will start taking notice.


Regardless of what your weekend project is, you’ll quickly find that even small changes around the home will make a big difference to its overall aesthetic.


For any assistance with completing your renovations or upgrades, contact the team at Perth Handyman Services today!

Pre- Sale Tidy- up on a Budget

Pre- Sale Make- Over You Can Live With

Preparing a house for sale, particularly when you still live in it, is surely one of life’s great endurance tests. Your house is lived- in – because you live in it. And presumably the people who buy it will live in it, too. And yet for some reason, when we buy a house we want to see it in a weird kind of idealised state; neither deserted nor lived in. Inhabited, but not lived in. Except that the vendor has to go on living in it, through a series of inspections until – Hallelujah – it’s sold.

At Perth Handyman Services we have helped many home-owners and real estate agents prepare properties to look their best at minimal cost, but without the inhabitants feeling like aliens in their own homes. Our skills include welding, painting, roof leak repair, grouting, sealing and many more besides.

A lot of people spend heavily having their properties “styled” in preparation for sale. This strategy relies for its success on picking a winning style, and can backfire badly if not enough fans of that style show up at the sale. Many prefer to present their house as a blank slate on which purchasers can write their dreams. And despite the fact that they may intend to buy it and extensively modify it, buyers still pay more for a neatly turned out property. Makes no sense when you think about it, but there it is. So your task is to achieve that “want me” look without spending a fortune.

When you live in a comfortable home, your eyes become blinded to a host of little defects; you get used to things the way they are, and give little thought to the possibilities. But when you sell your house you want prospective purchasers not only to see it at its best, but to be able to see all its possibilities.. Preparing your house to play the beguiling role you want of it takes real skill, and a good deal of experience.

Start by making a list of the defects you know about.

“A lick of paint” is probably among the first things to find their way on to a presale to- do list, but we’ll also run a practiced and critical eye over the house, and suggest refurbishments that will repay their cost handsomely in the sale process. We’ll help you expand this list by pointing out items you might have missed. Here are a few items we’ve found people tend to overlook because they get used to them, and where a few dollars spent will earn you dividends:

  • In and around the bathroom. A relatively inexpensive make- over can make a big difference. A new shower head, new shower curtain and a re- grouting and sealing cost little, and give a bathroom the “lift” it needs to make a good impression – in the few seconds for which the purchaser will be likely to look at it.
  • Decluttering – for instance by removing unneeded cupboards to reveal more kitchen space. The likelihood is that the new owner will want to fit their own kitchen, so the impression of space is more important than up to date appliances and worktops.
  • Replacing old blinds and screens. This really is an area where familiarity stops us seeing the creeping march of dilapidation. In terms of bang for your spruce- up buck, not much comes close to a set of new blinds.
  • Rusty patches and blemishes on fences, gates and other outdoor ironwork. Again, these are little details that don’t necessarily get consciously noticed by viewers, but treat them, weld any repairs needed and paint them, and the effect can be starting.

These are just some of the low cost/high reward steps you can take to prepare your property for sale, and which can all be professionally taken care of by Perth Handyman Services. So if you’re preparing a property for sale, give us a call and let us propose a makeover that suits your property, your lifestyle and your budget. A make- over you can live with.

High Ceiling and Wall painting

Installation of window frames and Painting of a classic indoor patio. The High ceiling and wall painting was quite a job
but we still managed to attain our usual professional standard.


indoor patio

indoor - outdoor patio

Door Hanging

Professional Finish to all our work…

Inside doors hanging install new doors to hallway and beautiful wood polish finish.


door hanging


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