5 Weekend Projects to Improve Your Home’s Appeal

feature wall home upgrade

The Easter long weekend is almost upon us, which means there’s no time like the present to rejuvenate your home with these clever, yet small home projects. You can either get your DIY on, or contact Perth’s leading handyman service to help you.


Paint a Feature Wall

If your bedroom or living space is lacking a focal point, or is looking a little bit lifeless, a freshly-painted feature wall could be just what you need. If you’ve got a contemporary-style home with a neutral colour palette, a darker shade of grey or taupe will do the trick, however, if you’re after something a little bolder, a splash of red, or even lime will definitely attract attention.


Patch Up Any Holes or Dints

Wear and tear is perfectly normal in any home, especially in high-traffic areas or home’s with pets and kids. As such, dints, holes, and scratches seem to appear out of nowhere. It’s surprising how quickly you get used to looking at these imperfections, but with a bit of putty and a slap of fresh paint you’ll soon notice how much fresher your home looks without them.


Upgrade Your Fence

Are the palings in your wooden fence rotting or buckling? If yes, it could be time to get an upgrade. Regardless of how beautiful your home and garden is, a fence that’s falling apart will quickly detract attention and become more noticeable, and memorable, than your perfectly manicured lawn or grand home.


Depending on your personal taste, and the style of your home, you might choose to install a Colorbond, wooden, picket, cyclone, or wrought iron fence. All of which are fantastic options!


Stain Your Outdoor Deck

Your front porch, or pool deck will look like new with a fresh coat of timber stain. While timber decking is a low-maintenance outdoor solution, it should be re-stained every now and again to protect it from the elements, and to keep it looking like new.


Your washed out deck may look like part of the furniture at the moment, but the moment you re-stain it, you’ll be wondering why you didn’t do it sooner!


Upgrade Your Door Handles

Have you ever paid much attention to your door handles? Most people don’t. However, if you replace your plain stainless steel handles with something more decorative and distinct, people will start taking notice.


Regardless of what your weekend project is, you’ll quickly find that even small changes around the home will make a big difference to its overall aesthetic.


For any assistance with completing your renovations or upgrades, contact the team at Perth Handyman Services today!

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