5 Ways to Prepare Your Backyard for Summer Entertaining

Spring has finally sprung, but with the extra sunshine also comes the prospect of more outdoor entertaining. Is your backyard ready?

Unfortunately, the cooler months have the tendency to wreak havoc on our backyards, after all, who wants to go outside and mow the lawn when it’s freezing cold and raining outside? However, if playing the hostess/host at outdoor soirees is a big part of your summer social calendar, these tips will help you get your yard looking spick and spam in no time!

preapring your backyard for summer entertaining

Spring Clean Your Backyard


If things have gotten a little wild in your backyard over winter, now’s the time to come in and clean up. Mow the lawn, cut back any overgrown bushes and shrubbery and clean up any debris or rubbish that you find lying around.


It’s also worthwhile to assess the current condition of your space and make any necessary repairs to furniture, garden beds or even your back deck or pergola. If they’ve sustained any damage, like beams coming loose or rotting, fix them up before entertaining season jumps into full swing.


Think About Any Renovations That Need Doing


Summer gardens are made in spring, so if you want a new deck, paving, garden beds or even an undercover area built, now’s the time to find the perfect handyman to complete the work for you.


Sort out Your Outdoor Lighting


If you have existing outdoor lighting, like fairy lights or pergola lights, check all of the globes to make sure they all work and then give them a quick dust – it’s amazing how quickly dirt and cobwebs build up on lights.


If you don’t have any outdoor lighting, it could be time to think about getting some. If you want hassle-free lighting, solar-powered lights are the way to go, but for something more permanent, you can have an electrician sort out some wiring for you and put in lamp posts or spotlights for your undercover entertaining area.


Another ambient alternative is portable outdoor lighting or path lights, which can either be battery operated or solar powered.


By sorting out your backyard’s lighting needs, you’ll be ensuring your space is functional, while also increasing its ambience and generating an atmosphere that’s perfect for entertaining.


Get Decorating


If you don’t have an undercover area outside (now could be the time to build one – or have your local handyman construct one for you!) and tend to put your furniture and décor into storage over the cooler months, now’s the time to dust it all off and bring it back outside.


If your decorative items are all still outside from last summer, pop outside and see if they need replacing (the colour may have faded or they could have been damaged over the last six months).


Once you complete each of these tasks (or at least the ones that are relevant to you) your outdoor entertaining area will be ready for all of the barbecues and parties you could possibly dream of. If you require professional assistance with your backyard tasks, contact Perth Handyman Services today!

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