5 Hilarious DIY Disasters

Have you ever wondered what happens when home DIY projects go terribly wrong? These 5 blokes were unlucky enough to find out first-hand!

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A Dog Under the Porch

In a rush to finish building his back deck before an insurance inspection, but not wanting to get rained on, a very ‘detail-oriented’ homeowner cut his timber on his front veranda, which was undercover, and then proceeded to carry the beams over to his back deck to install them.

He never noticed his dog crawling around in the dirt digging until he heard him whining once the deck was finished.

He had built the deck over the top of his dog! His quick job ended up taking a lot longer since he had to remove a large part of the deck to get his dog out.

A Fenced in Car

A pair of new homeowners decided to build a fence, to ensure their dogs wouldn’t be able to escape. A friend of theirs came over with his ute filled with the wood they needed.

When they were finished building the fence, they stood back to enjoy the fruits of their labour, only to realise they had fenced in the car!

Do You Want Some Bugs With Your Air Con?

After leaving a brand new air con in the garage for a number of years, one homeowner decided it was finally time to install it. Since it was still in its original packaging, he didn’t bother to clean it first.

Once it was up, he turned it on ready to enjoy the cool breeze that came with it, only to end up with a mouth full of dead bugs and mouse droppings.

He was less than impressed.

One Latch and A Lot of Black Paint

When a carpenter by trade went to install a new external latch on a cupboard door in the laundry, you’d think the installation would go off without a hitch?

Well, for this unlucky tradie, a two-second project turned into a lengthy clean up when he drilled the holes for the latch, without cleaning the cupboard out first.

He quickly realised his mistake when black paint sprayed him in the face, soaking the floor and walls as well.

A Concave Ceiling

Have you ever wanted to expand a room in your house, but decided not to because you weren’t sure if the wall was a load bearing one or not?

Well, that reservation didn’t even cross one unlucky man’s mind when he decided to knock down a 3.7-metre wall that separated his living room from the hallway.

After a long day of demolition, he went to bed quite pleased with himself, only to wake up to a bowl-shaped floor in the morning. He ran downstairs to discover the ceiling had sagged about 150mm.

Needless to say, he was very quick to rush to the hardware store for some jacks.

So, what’s the moral of the story? If you need some handy work done in or around your home in Perth, call a professional handyman service, like Perth Handyman, to do the work for you.


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