5 Handy Home Maintenance Tips That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

As much as we all hate home maintenance jobs, they are a necessary evil if you want to keep your home in tip-top shape. Although there’s no rule that says you have to take care of your home maintenance in Perth yourself, that’s what your local Perth handyman is for!

From cleaning your gutter to fixing the fence and replacing broken door handles, there’s no handyman job in Perth that is too small or too tedious for us. But, to give you an idea of the type of tasks you should be undertaking, and how often you should be doing them (or hiring someone to do the dirty work for you), we’ve put together this handy list!

Floor Sanding and Coating

Most wooden floor coverings (and outdoor timber decking) need regular maintenance to keep them looking like new. This could involve replacing any damaged boards and sanding and re-varnishing the surface. It’s recommended you inspect both your timber floors and outdoor deck at least once a year to assess whether any maintenance work is required.

If the surface looks dull, is stained, or has been damaged from excessive water exposure or wearing heeled shoes, it’s worth repairing the damaged areas to not only improve the aesthetic of your floor but also to ensure your timber flooring or decking lasts as long as possible.

Gutter Cleaning

As a general rule of thumb, your gutters should be cleaned twice a year. Ideally, this should happen in late spring and then again in late autumn. However, there are a few factors that can either increase or decrease how often your gutters should be cleaned out. If you live in a particularly leafy area and are surrounded by a lot of trees, you might need to clean out your gutters more often. But, if you live in an open area with very few trees, you might be able to get away with going longer between cleans.

Regardless of how often you clean them though, always check them regularly to make sure there is no damage and to ensure no birds or nasty critters have taken up residence.

Rubbish Removal

It’s surprising how quickly rubbish can build up around the home. Perhaps you’ve got an old lounge room suite taking up space in your garage, or have old shrubs and garden debris piled up in the corner of your backyard. If left unchecked, this type of waste can build up and make your home feel more like a landfill than a home. Every few months, have a look to see how much rubbish you have lying around. If it’s visible and taking up space you could be utilising, it’s time for a spring clean!

Garage Door Repairs

Have you ever noticed that your garage door, when operating properly, will reverse roll if there’s something obstructing its way? This is an essential safety feature that ensures no one will get squashed (especially children and pets) if the door is rolling down when someone or something is block its way. Each year, check your garage roller door to make sure it’s operating properly by placing something in the doorway and making sure it rolls back up, rather than squashing the item.

If your door isn’t operating the way it should, make getting it fixed a priority.

General Repairs Around the Home

When things get damaged or broken around the home, don’t just leave them that way. Keep on top of your home maintenance and repairs by fixing issues as they arise. Is your front door jamming because the wood has expanded in the heat? Are the mechanisms in your door handles getting stiff and making opening the door tricky? Maybe your outdoor paving is cracked and breaking away in chunks. Whatever the issue, talk to your local handyman about fixing it.

If you’ve got work that needs to be completed in or around your home, contact Perth Handyman Services today! We can help you out with even the smallest home maintenance jobs, or if you need, we can even help with your home renovation needs.

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